THE HEROINES CHOIR improves the mind, body and spirit of breast cancer victors and their supporters while inspiring audiences through the healing art of chorale.

This fierce, friendly and inspired group unite their various skills to create unforgettable events which impact thousands of lives, stimulating compassionate action and funding.

Both victors AND supporters are welcome to participate. No experience is necessary, our superb Choir Director is expert at training every type of voice.
Contact: Alice Billman

Heroines Choir rehearsal Heroines Choir rehearsal
Members of the Choir have fun rehearsing their moves.

The Heroines Choir performs at festivals, events and presentations, including Strides Against Cancer, Komen Race for the Cure, Your Bosom Buddies and South Miami Hospitals Annual Gala.
Heroines Choir at Komen Race for the Cure
Choir members relax after their performance at the Komen Florida Race for the Cure.

Heroines Choir director Candi Tandy
Super Heroine and Choir Director Candi Tandy teaches us how to use our vocal instrument to blend into beautiful unity.

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  Any questions? E-mail us to find out how you can help. Heroes Unite Inc. is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization, so your contributions are tax deductible. Heroes Unite Inc. • 1330 NE 125 Street • North Miami, FL 33161 • Alice Billman, Executive Director • 305-981-7780