Mobile Micro Theater
Heroes Unite is excited to present MOBILE MICRO THEATER, driving new audiences to the best of Miami's live theater offerings. "Theater in the Moment" has never been like this!

MOBILE - Our bus invites 20-30 people into a fully-loaded intimate theater. Parked at trendy environments like Art walks, Food truck events and outdoor festivals we bring the most cutting edge emerging performing arts to the public for an unexpected memorable experience in the arts.

MICRO - All productions under 15 minutes for only $5 each.

THEATER - Dance, drama, film, and all things unexpected, innovative & relevant.

MMT is not just tons of fun, it benefits our community via many avenues;
• Tourist appeal
• Economic growth
• Artform unique to Miami
• Community development
• New audiences for live theater
• Opportunity to showcase Miami talent
• Juried presentations only
• Professional arts groups only

DOWNLOAD OUR FLYER for more info.
Contact: Alice Billman

MMT hostess
From concept to finished prototype, thanks to our many talented volunteers.

MMT on the way! Our crew working during the first stage of construction.

A big thank you to the fabulous volunteers at Lindsay Hopkins Tech School under the guidance and artistry of Mr. Dalis for painting the deco/industrial style graphics on the MMT bus.

MMT performer Allisen Learnard
Allisen Learnard performs her smokin' show "The Next Day" aboard the MMT bus, progressing from suit to lingerie.

MMT audience at the premiere of 'Fettered Fly Free'.
An MMT audience lines up to see the premiere of "Fettered, Fly Free" starring Katie Wiegman and Danielle Kipnis.

Lab9 performing their production of "iFeel" aboard MMT for the first time.

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